Fermilab Golf League
Wednesday Bliss Creek

2017 Schedule

Your Bliss Creek 2017 champion team. LR: Uday Manikonda (sub for Mike Kaiser),
Captain Vic Kuchler, Danny Snee and Keith Hronek.
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We play every Wednesday at 4:00 PM at the Bliss Creek Golf Club at Prestbury in Sugar Grove, Illinois.

The official roster as an Excel Spreadsheet, or as a PDF document

Congratulations to Team Kuchler for their First Place finish this year

Final Team Standings

Final Individual standingts for this year – Averages | Points. Bill Griffing wins both!

Substitutes' information

Hole-by-hole scores from last week

The spreadsheet used last week for calculating the ghosts' score

Excel Spreadsheet of how the Fun Night of 6/14/2017 would have been scored. We'll use this for future Fun Nights. Comments/questions welcome.

All of the scoring web pages from the beginning of the year

Last Update: 26 April 2017

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