Elliott S. McCrory, Ph.D.


I work 50% for Accelerator Division, Instrumentation Department, and 50% for Office of Integrated Planning and Performance Management password required.

I create a audio podcast of the Fermilab Today Result of the Week.

I am the chairman of the committee for the Summer Internships in Science and Technology (SIST), run by the Equal Oportunity Office. I was first appointed to this position by John Peoples on October 6, 1995 and served until my assignment to CERN in August, 2007. At that time, Jamieson Olsen handled this post. In September, 2012, Jamieson returned the position to me, where I serve today.

Please visit my personal web site.

You can see my web-published paper here.


Please, oh please, spell my name right! For guidance, see my web page on how to spell Elliott, and why. Hint: Two T's; It is not French.

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Joanne McCrory, my wonderful wife! Martin McCrory, photographer Alexander McCrory, bassoonist. Professor Emeritus Clint McCrory,
Dept of Mathematics,
University of Georgia,
Athens, brother

Raven McCrory, sister

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